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Estate Planning

Resources Regarding General Estate Planning

Options for Avoiding Probate
Chart of the various "tools" you can use to avoid probate, with a description of how the "tool" works and what the benefits and risks of the "tool" are
Does Your Estate Plan Need to be Updated?
Flowchart to help you determine when to update your documents. (May 2022)
Couples with an Age Gap
Here is a questionnaire to help you address some common concerns. (March 2022)
How a Joint Trust Works
Don't want 2 separate trusts? Consider adding a joint trust to your estate plan! (February 2022)
Estate Planning Awareness
Why do you need an estate plan . . . or an estate planning attorney? (October 2021)
How a Family Limited Partnership Works
How a Family Limited Partnership Works
Trustee Scorecard
Trustee Scorecard

Resources Regarding Pets

Pet Care Informational Sheet
Simple Steps To Ensure Your Pets Are Cared For After Your Death (Sept 2021)

Resources Regarding Wealth Transfer

What To Do With Your Vacation Home
Chart depicting interplay of titling, ongoing operation and succession after death (June 2022)
Flowchart of How an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) Works
Considering an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT)? (October 2021)
Your Thoughts On Money
Important Questions To Facilitate Wealth Transfer to Future Generations (Sept 2021)
Myths & FAQs - Multigenerational Planning
Important Conversations to Have About Money (Sept 2021)

Resources Regarding Assets & Trust Funding

Right of Occupancy Checklist
Right of Occupany Checklist
Catalog of Art
Artists and collectors: use this form to catalog your art. (July 2022)
Four Steps to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe
Checklist to Ensure That You Don't Lose Your Cryptocurrency

Resources Regarding Probate

Basics of Probate Process
General Timeline for the Probate Process

Resources Regarding Employment

Important Questions to Ask After Landing Your New Job
Checklist To Ensure Your Financial & Estate Plans Reflect Your Employee Benefits (July 2021)

General Resources

World Traveling Checklist
Planning for international travel can be exciting and sometimes stressful but there are things you should consider before you head out on your next adventure

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